Rebuild Humus Soil

Projects in Rebuild Humus Soil

Microbe rebuild of humus soil - the lungs of our soil

The smallest microorganism solves the biggest problem for our climate, food and environment. A proven microbe regeneration method for rebuilding humus soil, the lungs of our soil.

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The pollinators are the unseen magical creatures delivering pollen for the new breed of plants. A vital cargo for our existence.

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Regenerative Agroforestry

Regenerative agroforestry increases forests, wildlife and carbon sequestration by repairing degraded mono plantation into thriving habitats for diverse plants, animals and insects in an agroforestry landscape. By involving local communities and improved conditions for workers improved livelihood are created. it is an proven example off, how we can adapt the way we cultivate our crops for planet and for people.

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