ReFeed Worms

  • 3 years of data calculated through a eNFT-LCA model (Life-Cyclus-Assesment). Q1 2022
  • ReFeeds Circular Nutrition™ system regenerates 100% of about 6 mio. lb of food waste per year, worth $17 mio
  • They will avoid about 5.400 metric tonnes of CO2-equivalents per year, equivalent to removing annual emissions from 1.144 passenger vehicles per year
  • ReFeed use 6,4 million worms to reach 100% regenerative value of the food waste collected
  • ReFeed uses worms as an enhancer and bio converter to feed the soil. The worms will convert 839.500 lb of enriched soil per year
  • ReFeed worm casting contains over 60 micronutrients and trace minerals, and highly beneficial bacteria and fungi, it is considered one of the richest natural fertilizers replacing synthetic fertilizers
  • ReFeeds Circular Nutrition™ system is scalable and a proven concept
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Key Environmental Impacts

The worms convert food waste

1.184.419 lb./year

The worms avoids GHG emission

893.890 kg CO2e/year

One year of worm work is equivalent to

15.360 Trees for 20 years

ReFeed worms - the magical bio converters

ReFeed Farms was founded with the mission of fixing a broken food system which sees over 50% of produced foo go to waste while millions experience ongoing food insecurity. The Circular Nutrition™ model is the core of ReFeed’s vision. Unlike conventional linear approaches which simply collect and dispose of unused food into composts and landfills, ReFeed’s Circular Nutrition™ is a modular, multi-step process which extracts 100% utility from unused food and food waste.

At the ReFeed Farm in Langley, British Columbia, Canada ReFeed collects unused food and food waste for sorting and processing. First, it redirects usable food to food banks to address food insecurity, it then turns some of the usable excess into feed for livestock.

Everything which can’t be used in these two ways is directed into ReFeed’s proprietary vertical worm farm which produces organic, natural fertilizer and soil amendments to help growers and farmers reduce their use of synthetic fertilizers and replenish their soil.

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Stuart Lilley Chief Visionary Officer & Founder

“We are absolutely pumped about this earth changing partnership with Coin4Planet. Merging the virtual world with scalable, climate-focussed real world projects is exactly the kind of outside of the box thinking we need to unfuckup our planet for future generations. ReFeed and Coin4Planet share a vision of creating impact in our communities and our environment without restrictions from special interest groups or misaligned investment. There is urgency to what we are facing on our planet and we are ready to start leading the charge toward healing the planet with Coin4Planet.”