CPH FarmHouse

  • CpH FarmHouse eNFTs will include 3 years of offset data, beginning Q1 2022, calculated through a transparent and verified Life Cycle Assessment model
  • CphFarmHouse Vertical farming is a highly efficient way of producing top quality, nutrient-dense organic greens
  • CphFarmHouse uses renewable energy in all its processes
  • Only organic fertilizers and non-GMO seed and growing stock, with chemical fertilizers and GMO strictly avoided
  • The first crops will focus on pea shoots and salads with about 6 tons of biomass produced a year
  • At this production level, the estimated reduction in CO2 emissions is 3 tons a year compared to traditional farming
  • Vertical farming offers the ability to farm with a smaller footprint. The farmland equivalent for CphFarmHouse vertical facility is approximately 3000 m2
  • Coin4Planet has invested in 10,000 m2 of farmland that will be used for restorative actions and CO2e segregation to offset the 3 year CO2 footprint of CpH FarmHouse

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About The Project

With the right lighting technology, organic fertilizer, and recycled water, it is a very high-efficient way of producing high-quality, high-nutrient organic greens.
A partner with just that focus and engagement to do it properly is CphFarmHouse.

CphFarmHouse produced close to the customers providing organic greens to the Danish retail market, shaving transport.

CphFarmHouse has partnered with students from the University of Aarhus to research the nutrients and quality of organic products produced.

Cph FarmHouse Vertical soil farming is scalable. They can produce after demand. The potential to reduce organic food waste is profound because of demand-driven production.

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Key Environmental Benefits

  • 3000 kg CO2e/year
    Estimated avoided CO2 emission
  • 3000 m2/year
    Estimated avoided land use
  • 5100 kg CO2e/year
    CO2 emission total

John Og Ronni

Founders af CPH FarmHouse