The NATURE Token

Earn Money...

Nature token is a specialized natural assets investment system which enables everyone to earn an interest in the planting of new trees and regenerative use of other natural resources.

Nature is pioneering a two-fold yield model where financial rewards are positively correlated with the environmental impact:

Yields generated from the natural assets such as Forestry, CO2 Storage, Soil Restoration and Biomass Production

Stablecoins (NUSD) backed by the natural capital are deploying in DEFI & liquidity protocols to further generate yields

The sustainability of the ecosystem is accelerated as part of the returns will be used to buy back Nature Token to distribute yields to HODLers, and part of the profit is used to invest in additional green assets and mint more NUSD

...While Saving The Planet


Backed by three environmental asset classes to generate a diversified vehicle for green investments


Development of revolutionary solution that can pioneer environmental investing


Allocations to this asset class is solely from community donations. The assets are selected in order to maximize environmental impact compared to the investment


Long term assets that generate stable yields throughout the holding period

Our Token Model

We have created a solution that allows us to utilize the value locked up in physical assets (natural capital) and use it to leverage yield on DEFI markets.

Our solution offers a way for people to speculate on the future growth of the Nature ecosystem in a way that spurs the growth of the forest pool itself.

1. Proceeds from sale of Nature tokens are used to invest in natural assets incl. forestry and regenerative land use

By managing these investments in natural assets with a lifespan targeting 25 years, we will target yields with an average of 5% APY. The pool of investments will have a flexible composition of assets allowing for a stable APY of 5%.

2. Stablecoins (NUSD) backed by portfolio collateral are minted and yield are created

The total value of the natural assets owned by Nature will be appraised, and stablecoins pegged to the USD will be minted, backed by the physical nature assets.

3. The stablecoins are locked in DEFI and liquidity protocols to obtain additional yield with a 20% APY target

The NUSD stablecoins will be managed by the Coin 4Planet organization and put to work through various DEFI- and liquidity pool positions managed by the Coin 4Planet management team. This will allow for the creation of additional yield on the assets. This will result in a total APY of approximately 10% on the underlying assets.

4. Buyback of Nature and increase Nature asset investment pool

The yield received from the natural assets and DEFI activities will be transferred to a profit pool. From this profit pool, a fixed percentage of the funds will be used to buy more nature assets (80%) to expand the pool of assets, and hence allow us to mint even more stablecoins, which are then deployed in DEFI activities. The other share of the profit pool (20%) will be used to buy back Nature tokens from the open markets through DEFI and CEFI exchanges. These purchased Nature tokens will be made on a weekly basis and will create pressure on the Nature token price.

5a & 5b. Through financial engineering payouts are done weekly

Of the newly bought Nature tokens, 80% are used to pay out yield directly distributed to user wallets holding Nature tokens. Through financial engineering, the payouts are done weekly, in Nature amounts equivalent to the USD value of the yield. By using our own Nature tokens as collateral, we are also able to take loans and buy additional Nature assets which are then added to the pool of assets. The remaining 20% of the newly bought Nature tokens will be distributed to Coin 4Planet as a management fee to finance the management and selection of Nature assets.

Future additions to the Nature Token model

  1. Diversified Green tech investments

In the future the system can expand beyond forestry and regenerative land use into various green tech projects such as renewable energy, micro bio, bioconversion of plastic, etc.

  1. Incorporate the value of the off-set market

The Nature Token business model will incorporate the increasing off-sets market. The benefits are threefold: helping companies to increase their externality value and ESG-profile, strengthen the yield model and create a regenerative Nature + model for our planet.


There will be an unlimited supply of stablecoins since it will always expand at the same speed as the pool of assets backing it (so far only forests) minus a safety margin.

Nature Token

The Nature token will have a limited supply of 500.000.000 tokens. The Nature token will eventually increase in price as our pool of assets increase, since more assets create higher returns which are used to buy back Nature tokens on the open market. Due to the scarcity of tokens, the increased buying pressure should force the price of Nature token to increase, as illustrated in the flywheel above.

When the price of Nature increases, the value of Nature tokens available in the treasury increases, which allows us to take collateralized loans that can be used to plant even more forest and mint more tokens. A never-ending spiral is created which keeps pushing the price of Nature up for as long as new tokens are minted.

Do we really need tokens?

The short answer is yes. The tokens and the distributed ledger technology is what makes our business model possible. The ability to create a liquid stablecoin backed by a real-world asset that is usually completely locked into the ground opens the doors for leveraging returns in ways that have never been possible before. The Nature token is also a key component for our business model since it creates a way to finance the expansion of our asset pool.

Open Ledger

With the Nature platform millions of transactions will take place in the form of weekly payouts and trading. An open ledger is key for transparency on our platform.

Global Footprint

We are building Nature to be a global decentralized platform that allows Nature token holders from anywhere in the world to earn interest and be part of our forest and regenerative business, regardless of their base currency or the local laws they operate under.



  • Ideation
  • Team Assembling
  • Initial sourcing of nature investment

NFT Presale

  • Initial funding through sale of NFTs
  • Funding used partly for expansion of team and development of Nature
  • First investments in nature assets

Public Sale

  • Smart Contract Dev and Testing
  • Vault and Liquidity Pool Votes
  • Exchange Partner Engagement
  • Onboarding Portal Architecture and Development


  • Continuation of management of investments and sourcing of new nature assets
  • Team for managing DEFI positions


Read our lightpaper to gain full insight on how Nature is built and how it provides value to bother planet and investors.